APT has successfully installed its systems around the world; hereafter some selected references are shown:

APT's systems for wheel flat detection (APT-WORM) & weigh-in-motion (APT-WIM)

APT's rail measurement devices (APT-RSA)

  • Ineco-Tifsa (Spain)
  • STIB/MIVB (Belgium)
  • Manila LRTA(Philippines)
  • Metro Oeste Madrid (Spain)
  • Schrey & Veit Germany (Germany)
  • RET (Rotterdam-Netherlands)
  • Metro Ligero de Tenerife (Spain)
  • Infrabel (Belgium)
  • Serdb (France)
  • ...

APT's online monitoring systems (APT-OMS)

Other references

APT's booted sleeper solutions (APT-CBT)

APT's embedded track solutions

APT's resilient rail fasteners: APT-BF and APT-ST

Please contact us for a full reference list or site visit.


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