Online Monitoring Systems

APT's general purpose and versatile Online Monitoring Systems (APT-OMS) with a modular design, rugged packaging and reliable performance.

The Online Monitoring System (APT-OMS) aims at the acquisition and real-time processing of measured data of all kinds. The advantages of this multifunctional data logger are:

  • High available processing power for real-timecalculations.
  • No software installation required as real timeand historical results are viewable on any PC or PDA with a standard internet connection.
  • Easy configuration of the data processing andalarm actions (siren, SMS, email, flashlight) via the web based interface.
  • High flexibility with respect to the number and type of measurements and processing algorithms
  • The electronics is designed to be robust to theseverest environment (vibration, temperature,power interruptions).

The measurement data can be visualized on the fly on your desktop PC while the system is installed at the other side of the world.


  • Site Evaluation and Seismic Re-qualification (Buildings, Bridges, Towers etc.)
  • Traffic Induced Noise and Vibrations Measurement (Railway, Highway and Subway)
  • Sensitive Equipment and Industrial Vibrations Measurement
  • Long-Term Monitoring of Buildings and Installations

For more information about the product, please download our data sheet (APT_OMS_EN.pdf) or contact us here

Reference: Online monitoring of viaduct movement and impacts

Manila, The Philippines

Reference: Online monitoring of server room vibration

Dexia, Brussels
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