Graw TEP Trolley - Measurement of track geometry

The trolley is designed for measurements of track geometry. The gauge readings are recorded automatically in its electronic memory in real time as the trolley travels along the track.

The operator can see measured values of the track gauge, cant, and the actual mileage on the display during measurements. The large size foil keyboard makes it possible to enter information on the track faults discovered and events noted. One can mark location, e.g., of the broken weld or rail, need to replace the sleeper or missing bolts.

TEP trolley has all features of TEC/TET trolleys and, moreover it can be used to:

  • measure and save transverse rail profiles every 0.5 m
  • display rail profile during the measurement
  • measure rail profile with accuracy of ± 0.3 mm
  • determine rail wear parameters with accuracy of ± 0.3 mm
  • make automatic assessment of rail profile in the track

Trolley specifications:

  • mileage measurement increment: 0.5 m
  • gauge range: -15 +50 mm; accuracy: ±0.3 mm
  • cant range: ±200 mm; resolution: 0.1 mm
  • vertical irregularities - range: ±2 mm/1m; resolution 0.1 mm
  • horizontal irregularities - range: ± mm/1m; resolution 0.1 mm
  • operating temperature: -20C +45C
  • 10 hours' non-stop operation with fully charged battery
  • option - replaceable batteries, providing unlimited service time
  • trolley available in versions for various track gauges, e.g.: 1000, 1067, 1435, 1520, 1600, 1668, 1676 mm
  • operating humidity: 15 - 85% (no condensation)

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