APT RSA - Rail Surface Analyser

APT's Rail Surface Analyser (RSA) measures rail roughness and rail corrugation and is ideal for testing of grinding quality.

The RSA is a trolley based system which measures railhead vertical variation (rail roughness) relative to a sliding reference with a length of one meter as funtion of distance. The system complies with ISO 3095: 2005/ EN15610:2009 or to EN13231-3 (depending software configuration).

Compared to other systems, RSA is a light weight system with an autonomy of over 6 hours of continuous measurement. After measurement, data can be easely downloaded to a PC and processed in a matter of seconds.

The processing software is compliant with the international standards and allows easy interpretation of the results.

The Rail Surface Analyser is used on conventional rail as well as embedded rail. Applications are rail corrugation surveys, rail roughness measurements, track work acceptance after grinding and rail roughness measurements in the support of noise measurements.

For more information about the product please download our data sheet (APT_RSA_EN.pdf) or contact us here.

Easy transportation case with wheels
RSA Case

Rail roughness measurements at Belgian railway network
RSA at Infrabel
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